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“We’ll find a way of making you feel part of this project, giving you the opportunity to propose, collaborate, organize … always encouraging the sharing of ideas and resources” – PBC Coworking
This is the philosophy of PBC Coworking who include hard working professionals working together, sharing ideas and creating a positive working environment which breeds success that can allow the people of Elda/Petrer and other cities in the Vinalopo area, to achieve success and realise the potential that we all have.
For me as a qualified English teacher of many years, I share this philosophy and I would like to bring my “Learning English can be Fun” classes Elda/Petrer in conjunction with the professional ethics of PBC.

Advantages of learning English

• You will be able to communicate with others around the world.
• It will increase opportunities in your life.
• It will open doors of employers.
• It will improve customer relations in business.
• It will allow you and your children to have more choices in your life.
• Prepare for exams and certificates will broaden/widen your horizons.

Fun & professional

Our attitude is one of complete professionalism designed to help the many people who want to learn English. The classes are for everyone!!! Children, students, workers, directors, entrepreneurs, everybody is welcome. We want to create first class learning within a first class environment.
The classes are fun, enjoyable and prepared for the needs of each and every student.

Also focused on companies and entrepreneurs

English is the language of international business, and if you want to succeed in this world you will have to feel comfortable speaking it. PBC in collaboration with Stephen want to offer entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity of learning English to suit your needs that will enable you to open more doors, create and expand your business and bring success to you. Working together we can help you to achieve so much more.

Your goal, our goal

Working with PBC Coworking I hope to create a positive ,professional environment where I can impart to my students the values of learning a second language: English.
• Working with local businesses to help Presentation work to international customers.
• Help all with Interview skills and Preparing your Curriculum.
• Helping children to take the first steps of learning a language and giving all that I have learned and experienced in my professional life back to the people of this area.

Just tell us your goals and we will build the best way to get to them.

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Stephen MacDonald

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